My Loving Mom, The Love Of My Life

 My mom died today,I will never be able to hold her and kiss her again,a peice of me died also today,she was such a speical woman always putting others first,I will miss the warmth of her touch and the sunshine in her smile,I was blessd to have her for 54 yrs of my life,all I can sayis I love you mom , Dont know I I will get through the days without you.please watch over me, I hope I was a good son to you
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I feel for you. A few days ago - May 15th - it was 30 years since my own mother died. I still miss her, I was 29 then (1984) and today I am older than she ever lived to be. (She was six weeks short of her 56th birthday.)

If you helped your mother when times were bad for her, saw to her creature comforts and never missed an opportunity to tell her "I love you" (as I did mine - it was the very last thing she heard me say) then you need not worry - you were a good son to her - just like I was a good daughter to my own maternal parent.


I know how you feel you just fall apart my mom died Dec. 7th I couldnt do anything for a month I just felt alone

I hope u get the strength to cope better.<br />
Like all the others have said that she is still with u watching over u...x

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it's hard. The day Mom passed seemed almost surreal... I was already so behind on my sleep, and I think I spent the next few weeks barely going through the motions, handling all the affairs that go with it. I'm still grieving her loss, when I least expect it; all the emotions coming out. But I do believe she's still with me... and that she's whole now. She suffered with cancer and was so miserable towards the end. And I very much believe she's in a better place.

i feel for you , when my mom died , my shield went up so i didn't feel the pain for some time , but it hit me , hard , so i know how you feel , and that memories are what remain , for us to dwell upon , to remember the good times , you had with your mom , and how it can hurt because she's gone . Only time can give peace of mind now as you continue your life , peace be with you and your mom in spirit and her love for all time.

I tell you took me 10 years to finally come into terms and accept the fact that my mum will be gone forever and will never come back. Every night without fail, as soon as my head hit the pillow, tears will rolled down my cheeks. I longed for her delicate hands stroking my hair and giving me a gentle kiss. Cooking and eating her delicious and favourite dishes reminds me of her even more. Time heals. Take your time, long for her as long as you want while her memories are still fresh because once your tears dried up that means you let go of her.

i'm so sorry for your loss... May God bless your mom's soul please be strong she's watching you and want you to be happy.