Worse Day Of My Life

I was 16 not best teen n use fight with my mum alot but 12 nov 2006 we became friends I loved her as a mum she was mum I wanted then can the day I wish I could forget 19th nov 2006 I had to mates over thets call then john n ann my mum had gone wired she was like a 2 year old with in an hour I was so sceared she was screemin I need a wee I need a wee my mum was,a very big lady so me and john carry her up 26 stairs I made ann watcg my brothers it was then I knew shes diein I called my older brother n dad cos I didnt no what to do she was rush in to ane n was put on life surport n I warched her die again on 20th nov 2006 3.21pm

Im tellin my story cos I had no idea what a stroke was and if I did I would have saved her so I hope just 1 persan will learn what a stroke is n the sign dnt think wnt ever happen cos it dose so pls learn

I blame my self every day cos I didnt no if I knew she wod b alive now

Dnt let ur self be in my shoes

Thanks for leting me finally tell my story

R.i.p mum forever an angle in sky as bright as a star
I love u never forgoten <3
dirtyhornybitch dirtyhornybitch
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2012