I Lost My Hero, My Mum At 21 I Miss Her So Much

Im 21 but it was just me & mum against the world the best mum I could ever ask for. One night I came home & found her passed away I can't explain the pain & torture that was its like your worst nightmare coming true especiely when so young & it wasn't her time she was only 53. What I would give to spend one more day with her & never seeing her face ever again kills me. Life just isn't the same without mum here I am too young too of lost my mum I lost my mum, my home & have to live everyday with the thought & memory of finding her. How do people cope with this kind of tragedy I just want you back mum & I want you too know I love you & miss you & think about you everyday RIP Mum your always in my heart & thoughts we will be reunited one day xxxx My Speech at mums funeral: My mum Maria, Marika what a lady no ones deserves to go at 53 its just too young to lose you're life she was so proud to be from yorkshire & she met some amaizing people who are in the room today & a few who unfortunatley couldn't make it today, she had laughs & fond memories with you all since 1958. 34 months ago I was sat just there with mum by my side at my grandads funeral I worshiped the ground my mum & grandad walked on we called him mr blue eyes these blue eyes like the ocean he's a fantastic man he believed in me so much & I felt that support & belief he's one in a million & my amaizing grandma Anna met the Golden Guy & to me they will always be The Golden Couple & I could never ask for better grandparents & me & Jo would do absolutley anything for them. Mum loved him like nothing else & when he passed on 3rd June 2009 it took along time to get over the loss of such a great man & the love & respect for Walter was a massive thing me & mum had in common. Apart from the day here & there for the last 21 years I saw my mum everyday & losing that & never seeing your mum ever again is hard to get your head around & the day she passed I felt a part of me passed with her but never in a million years did I ever think three years later when I was at my grandads funeral did I ever think I would be standing here at my own mums funeral. Being 21 so young & losing you're parent, your mum is like your worst nighmare coming true but I am so thankful for having an amaizing 21 years with her & will always cherish the memories till the day I die. she would do anything for me & Jo I admit she could be stubborn at times but she would give me a lift to work quite a few times when she really didn't have too She would do anything for me & I was so grateful for everything she gave & did for me & for so many years its just been me & mum in our home against the world together & you could tell her absolutley anything & I miss our chats & being by her side & What I would give to just spend one more day with her. She would protect, love & be proud of us & the people me & Jo are today. When I was a kid & mum had gone to the shops or was late coming home I use to worry sometimes what if something had happened to her & now its unthinkable what is happening right now. I am finding it so hard to cope & my worst nightmare coming true right in front of my own eyes my own mums funeral & never seeing her ever again tears you into a million pieces. its just so unfair & right now I am standing here & I have lost almost everything my mum, my home & my life I had & loved is gone & will never get that life back! Right now I am home sick day to day I feel like I am living someone else's life I want my old life back so much with my mum in our home together. I was so close to my mum I cant even find words to describe. How do people cope with this kind of tragady it takes you to a dark place not many people ever have to go to so young Its a billion miles passed Rock Bottom & Coming back up from this place feels like the hardest thing in the world but I will get there too normality & happiness one day but right now that place seems like a universe away but I will get back to being happy for mum & though mum has passed she will always be with me in my heart & everyday I live will be for my grandads & my mum who are up there looking down on us all in a better place. Rest In Peace Mum I Love You So Much
Skywalker619 Skywalker619
Dec 6, 2012