The Long, Slow Decline.

My mother had a stroke a little less than 4 years ago.  She lived alone, so when she collapsed on her back porch, it was hours before she was found, and thus too late to reverse the damage caused.  At first, it looked like she might make at least a partial recovery; but after about 4 months, she ended up in a skilled nursing facility, where she began the long, slow decline that ended last week.  In between were several other strokes, the introduction of a feeding tube (not my choice), and a bitter battle over her finances that culiminated in my severing ties with my siblings. 

I have many regrets over how things were handled over the last few years, but at least I know now, that her suffering is at an end.

I'm sorry, Mom, that I wasn't there that day you had the stroke.  We had talked about having dinner together that day, but it never happened, for many different reasons.  Maybe it wouldn't have changed anything in the end, but of all my regrets, that one stands out the most.

Good bye, and I hope you're in a better place now.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

i am so sorry for your loss i know what thats like my nanna had a few strokes and ended up in a nursing home as well which we didnt want and she also had a feeding tube as well and the same as you the day before she passed away i was meant to go and see her but couldnt so i was going the next day and it was 3am that the home called and said she had died i have never forgiven myself for not seeing her the day i was meant to so i see where you are coming from and also with the finance side of things my mum looked after her from day 1 when she was sick and her other sons did nothing well one of them came to see her and the other one didnt really much at all and when it came to the time to sort out all the finances my mum went through hell as well one of her brothers said she deserved it all as she had looked after her for years and the other brother wanted this and that mind you hes a millionaire but my mum got everything and now that brother doesnt talk to her at all but the other one does, but again i am sorry for your loss and will be thinking of you at this time of need.......