I need to be working but am tired and low on motivation. Please inspire/motivate me to go back to work after a 9 hour workday. I came home to eat and take care of my 3 Kids.
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Go outside play with your kids!
You can do it!
Also reddit.com/loseit

I have already done that ;)
Now I need to go back to the office to work. It's important but I have fizzled out!

Hard one.... Work=$ so maybe think about planning a weekend trip with your kids to an indoor water park or having a fancy date night with your wife.... Have 3 kids.. You need a date night I am sure. !

Lol! I'm a single dad. I have fun with my kids. I don't need motivation for them, I need motivation to go back to work for a few hours ;)

Well go work ....think about the money you are earning .....and use that money to go to Disney :) lol ...that would motivate me... I would love to take my kids there :)

But if your job is really dull.... Motivation may be impossible... I hope you are not an accountant :)

My job is not dull, I am very thankful for that. I made it to work! :)

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