It's All Dried Up

i've written, off and on, my whole life. i was an artist/photographer for several years recently....but its been over a year since i've created ANYTHING. it's all just gone. just like that. poof!

i miss it so much. i miss the words just flowing out onto the paper. i miss the feeling of lining up the perfect angle in the perfect lighting. i miss the hours and hours on photoshop turning photos into paintings. i missed it all so much that i made an effort to try to find new avenues of creative expression....but nothing would come out....i could create nothing.

....and the most annoying part is that i do feel one more avenue of creativity is possible for me.....but it's so costly (equipment, etc.) that there's no real way for me to actually get to give it a try. i feel like i'm just whining, which is kinda pathetic. i just miss the feeling of creative energy flowing through me. miss it so very much.

sarahzio sarahzio
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2009