It really sucks losing your opposite sex parent. Guys don't fair well without mom girls without dad. I lost my mom at age 2-3. She was run over by a drunk driver. What made it worse was fact that my dad's new gf was demon spawn. My opposite sex parent beat the tar out me. Choosing to feed me once a day if lucky. My dad was an addict and a abusive parent also.

Not having my mom left me with weakness of needing a female to show me love and compassion. Not having her also made it hard for me to know how to act to, or deal with women.

At age 13 I ran away to grandmothers. Got to live 4 years as a child, it was nice. I lost my grandmother 6 years ago. That caused the loss of my foundation, my safety net, my home, my parent.

Then my hope died in 2012. My relationship with dad was strained. He was a selfish man. But he was alive i had a sense of hope. I could kick around what if, in regards to dad. What if he decides to wanna be a dad. My dad was shot killed by police in 2012. I didn't even get to see him a last time. My brother found out, didn't tell me. He had dad cremated, took his possessions and money. Never even gave a call.

I find some solace in my current wife and our children. Unfortunately she is pretty abusive. When my father died she said I deserve same. I to should b killed by the cops. I have know one to talk to. I found this place yesterday, I hope I can here. This life I lived seems to be a extreme example of Murphy's law.
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Hugs for you

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