Tired Of The Same Old Crap

im supporting 6 kids, one of which is pregnant,the bills never stop,8 people in the house with only 2 of which are working and ill have my no good son in law living there soon my ex gets out of prison in a year or so , and shell probably shoot me cause she doesnt want to be the ex, ive just about had enough of this life im ready for the next one
seadragon59 seadragon59
51-55, M
5 Responses Dec 28, 2010

harder than it sounds lol

if you wanted to take radical control so you wouldn't have to pay their utilities while you're gone (and while you're not gone) you could change the locks -- i know. really hard choices.

im gone offshore 8 months of the year the bank book goes with me got it under control

Toughen up. Get some mental help and start living your life. If you died tonight, they would all find a way of carrying on without you. <br />
Open a bank account and name it your running away fund. Just put a tiny amount in, but regular, hide the account book at work, no mail from it coming to your house.<br />
People only treat you as badly as you allow them. Takes time but you will get there.

this has been ongoing for over 20 years the problem is im always gone working its like im a stranger in my own house sometimes