Want To Reach Deep Down, And Come Out Of My Mental Prison.

For as long as I can ever remember, I was torn between two people. My mother and my father. Always trying to appease the two people closest in my life. I traveled back and forth at such a young age, I became two different people for each of them, and lost myself, and my motivation to really be anyone. Looking back, I stopped before I ever really got started. I never really believed anything that I saw or heard. I blocked everything out as some sort of fantasy. I could never make up my mind of who I wanted to be. I wanted to be everything and everyone.

I was just released from prison, where I read, and read and learned everything I possibly could. More later.
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22-25, M
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Try writing. Everything, anything ...you'll be surprised by what you write and see sparks of your passion within your text x

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