That's Quite The Mystery Sherlock...

This morning I woke up to find one of my two pet rats dead, the other sleeping very closely next to her. I had gotten the rats from a previous owner 4 months prior to this morning and needless to say, I spent nearly every spare moment with my rats. Although I loved both my rights unconditionally- I always seemed to like and love Sherlock over the older rat, Brie. Sherlock would come to the simplest clicking of my teeth, knowing that meant she'd be given a treat, or it was time to come out of her cage for a bit. As soon as the door was open she'd climb out and crawl up my arms into my hair. She'd constantly play with my necklace, a marble necklace was her favorite to nibble on. She loved kisses and being pet and curling up and sleeping in my shirt or my hair. She was fine and happy yesterday and theis morning she was dead. For reasons unknown by me....I'll miss her :(

Update;; Found out the water bottle that was in the cage wasn't letting water out for one reason or another and she must've died of dehydration. What I thought was wet poop from too much fruit was actually Brie is getting the same and I've been giving her lots of water which she is drinking feverishly :( I wish I had realized sooner that something wasn't right, and the water level wasn't dropping...She died and it's my fault for not paying attention.
inutaru inutaru
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010