I Lost My Clover

At first, Clover HATED being held or kissed.  She would squirm, bite anything that moved, and squeal like a pig.  After a month or two, She and Bella had stopped fighting (Bella being my other rat).  Around my birthday (5 months later), Clover started getting sleepy alot..

I have no idea what happened, but then around May she slept all day and barely ate anything.  I picked her up while my mom was out, and she was going all limp.  I prayed and prayed nonstop that she would pull through, but the only sign I got was her whimpering sadly in her sleep.  What's weird is that she stopped breathing completely, her heart stopped moving, but then she gasped for breath and was alive again.  She did that 8 times before her body started to twitch.  It was so horrible seeing her like that...Also horrible because I was all alone in my house while my mom's partying.  About 5 hours later, she gave one last spasm and laid still.  I was in hysterics.  I still cry to this day :'(.

    May she Rest In Peace
mmn314 mmn314
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010