My Sweet Boy

I just lost my rabbit, BunBun. I had had him for only 2 years- not nearly long enough. I had looked forward to a long time with my sweet little friend.
He began acting strangely yesterday, not wanting to eat or drink or play like usual. I figured he was just upset over the recent furniture re-arrangement (as this had happened before, and he had gotten through it just fine). Today he started having trouble breathing so I took him to the vet. They gave him antibiotics and told us what to do for him. We followed every instruction, but he was so weak and sick... his little body couldn't fight it any longer, and he passed away tonight at around midnight.
He was a precious little friend who brought so much joy to my life. I will not forget him, and I believe in animal heaven, so I know he is there now, healthy and at peace. I hope I gave him the best possible life and I hope he knew he was loved.

Baby BunBun

At Christmas 2010

R.I.P., my precious little boy
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3 Responses Oct 1, 2011

BunBun is cute! We had rabbits when my kids were young! We had 1 that was very good as far as being litterpan trained like a cat! We just have 2 dogs now! 1 has cancer and she does not have much time left!(any day actually) They are part of the family and they actually put all their trust in you for thier care and would not let them suffer! I too believe in animal heaven and I also believe that it intersects with ours! I believe that when our time does come we will be able to see them again, AND they will be healthy and playing when we are reunited! GOD BLESS!

Thats sad.I know what its like to lose a pet and its not easy.

im truly sorry to hear about your loss. reading this reminded me of our sweet dog that passed away far too soon. it was devastating to lose her as she was a part of our family, and sadly we only had her for a year. from reading your profile, im sure that your little bunbun was cared for deeply and had an amazing life with you even though your time together was short. I know theres not really anything I can say to ease the pain of this loss, but just know that I can relate and I care. if you want a friend to talk to then just send me a message.