My Bunny Is Dead...

I can't believe it. Two days ago, We had some people over for dinner. I came into my room to find my bunny died. She was the best. She was so calm, and so sweet. I wish I spent more time with her. But the reason I feel so bad is I think I killed her. She was getting kinda fat, so I started feeding her less. I can't even stop crying now. You never realize how much you love something until its gone. My mom came in my room, and said it is because she is right under an open window, and it was hot. I couldn't even bring myself to tell her that it was my fault. I stayed home from school the next day. And just now, my mom asked me if I killed her, because I felt so bad. I got so mad at her. How do I deal with this guilt? How do I move on in life?
kaitik8 kaitik8
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Awww I'm so sorry! Losing a pet sucks, I was devastated when my little hamster passed away. This was most likely because of something that was beyond your control, probably old age or illness, and at the end of the day it isn't your fault, you only did what you thought best so please don't blame yourself! I don't think your mum should have accused you like that, either. <br />
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>>> *hugs*

Thank you for your support! I hope i do eventually forgive myself and move on. Thank you so much.