I was raised as a Southern Baptist (shudder), but I dropped that during my early teens. One of the best things I've done in my life. When I was a kid, sometimes I would be genuinely frightened at the thought of "going to hell", which now sounds more like a joke to me than anything remotely serious. Honestly, if God is love, as Christianity claims (First John 4: 16), then why would he send you to a fiery pit to endure unspeakable horrors and torments for eternity if you didn't believe in him? I mean, I'm not made out of pure love, but even so I wouldn't do that to someone. Even Satan is never said to have done anything like that, which makes Satanism, to me, laughably, a more valid religion than Christianity.

It just seems like ludicrous, pointless fear-mongering.

But I'll stop ranting now.
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I am glad you made the split

i was raised jehovas witness and it has taken years to let go of their sexist and judgmental beliefs. it's been a journey, but it does get better with an open mind, awareness, of what is around you and within yourself.

I do not know much about Baptists, although your name suggest that you are believing in Jesus and<br />
baptised as Johannes thought people to do - by cleansing your whole body in water. This Johannes-person or John or whatever he is named in English was supportive of Jesus and his mission in life. However most Christian communities has forgotten all about Jesus mission in life. Instead they have joined Paulus or Paul (?) and he was the greatest enemy of Jesus message. This of course make Paulus a winner, and if you care to read the evangelists - Jesus right. You see, he warned about that. Someone who would twist his message in to honey for the ears. Paulus took away most of the dangerous stuff in Jesus message, and made it more eatable for the people of his time and times to come. If you really get to know Jesus, you will see that he did set quite hard terms for those who wanted to follow him. He was all about making the world a better place by making us better. We had to take responsibility for our own actions, and we where not welcome until we had done everything doable to right our known wrongs. Who want to hear that? Who want to hear that there is no room for us in the circle of love unless we actually and really make every effort to clean up after ourselves? It is a lot easier to pray to God (under any name) for forgiveness or pay money to a church. It is sad that a few peoples urge for power has managed to hide Jesus message so well. Personally I believe that what you call Hell is to know that you have chosen to stay outside the circle of love, and being fully aware that this was your own choice. I also believe that best measure on how you are doing in life is to ask yourself: What if every person in the world was like me, would the world be a better place or not? If your answer is not, you might consider making some important changes. However, I also believe it is still true - if you really are searching for truth you will find truth. I wish you will, and I wish you will succeed in your search. Remember truth survives and even flourish when light is shining upon it, and it can answer any kind of questions. Truth do not need to hide behind anything to defend itself – only people need to do that. This shall be your key to understanding the difference between truth and mission. Good luck to you.