Sure That I'm Not Sure

I used to be an avid Christian.  Then I slacked off, then at the age of 25, picked up the Bible and started reading again.  I was very gung-ho Christian after that, but probably in a more intellectual sense with a hint of spirituality (if spirituality is even real).  So I basically found myself at the peak of religious belief in my life where I had rediscovered the Bible's teachings, I was once again made familiar with my upbringing, and everything seemed great. 

Then, almost all of a sudden, I lost my faith.  I stopped believing that God cared about me.  I wasn't even sure if God was real.  I really feel like a loser for being so enthusiastic about something as serious as religion and then doing a complete about-face overnight.

Sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with me because I don't have that spiritual umph.  I tend to believe that when I thought I was God's chosen I was just experiencing a peak in one of those manic-depressive episodes that I have sometimes.

Reading the Bible used to be a "high" for me.  It would really get me charged up.  I feel like an idiot now, looking back.  I tend to think that the message of the Bible is so simple that only a simple mind could take it as being more than just a very large volume of people telling people how bad everything is and that if they do what they're told they'll be rewarded.

I have no faith left.
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Truegrit-there is no such thing as a "used to be Christian". If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and you proclaimed yourself a Christian, then, you are still a Christian. Salvation cannot be lost. That is one of the most awesome things about it. You ARE still one of the chosen. Try praying on it. Remember, you do not become a Christian by anything you've done. Your own works do not make you a Christian. The Holy Spirit must work within you before you are even able to call on Him. Man is inherently evil with an evil heart and totally unable to "answer the call" until the Spirit makes it possible for him to. So, the person being "saved" has done nothing himself. Pray on it. Don't be frustrated. Just pray on it. Remember, the Bible says, to the effect, that nothing can pluck the elect from Jesus' hand. As a Christian, you ARE one of the elect. ALWAYS. Hang in there. Again, pray on it.

I feel the same

may be your a seeker a seeker needs to find the truth <br />
we are different to the people of the bible times ,<br />
ramana said that that remains the same is truth.

The bible is carefully designed to give you warm fuzzy feelings as you imagine the afterlife you and your friends will spend together. Religion sells so well because it’s full of really nice things that we all would accept if they were offered, and it presents itself as if it contains fact. I would love to live forever to have some super-powerful dude looking over my shoulder with my well-being in mind…but the plain and simple truth is that those are fantastic concepts for which there absolutely nothing to intuitively suggest they’re truths. I am a self-proclaimed atheist simply because I don’t believe anything that is just as unlikely to exist as anything else that doesn’t exist. God is as unlikely as an imaginary dinosaur; therefore I atheistically deny them both (any everything else that doesn’t exist)