when you lose faith nvm ill just share your punishment. this video is to get those who has less IMAMS(faith) to get them strong again. plz watch 

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This is nothing but a video of some religious guy rambling. I doubt it's going to make any ex-Muslims believe again.

Do you know how many people has fallen to the trap of those Anti-Christ and yet you are rejecting it, gods is saving people from the day of judgment he well be mad you well see people crying and being scared the WHOLE OF MAN kind well say 'O prophet's intercede for us, the prophet well than replies by saying "I CAN"T INTERCEDE for you for i had warn you. Allah(god) is mad like never before i don't know what well happen to me!?.

There is no evidence that this "Allah" is even if a god, if it exists. I really don't believe in your god and probably never will.

its ok i don't want to force you nor convince you, im just sharing my vid to those who well believe
29. "Surely those who committed sin used to laugh at those who believed,"

30. "And when they passed by them, they were winking at one another (in mockery;)"

31. "And when they returned to their people they returned jesting,"

32. "And when they saw them, they said: 'Surely these have gone astray'".

33. "While they had not been sent as guardians over them.!"

34. "So, on this Day (of Judgement) the Believers win laugh at the Unbelievers:"

35."(Sitting) on thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things)".

36. "Have not the Unbelievers been paid back for what they used to do?"
Sura Mutaffifin 83:29-36

I certainly do feel sorry for you, because you believe in a psychotic deity, which condemns people for doing things it planned on them doing from the very beginning, a deity that creates both evil and good, then punishes its creations for the evil it KNEW they would do.

This would mean if the god you believe in was the only real god, that it has created beings evil, so it can punish them for being evil, to satisfy its own sadistic desires. This would mean that the most narcissistic and sadistic being to ever exist is the creator of the universe.

Since there is no evidence that this god is any more real than the other gods people believe in or have believed in, in the past, then I feel sorry for you for believing in such a monster. All of the Jews who still practice and believe in Judaism, the Christians, and the Muslims all believe in the same god, the very same psychotic deity.

I'm going to assume that you might think I refuse to believe in your god because I don't want to believe, right? Yes, that is the case. I certainly would NOT want to believe that such an evil being as your god exists. I could NEVER love or worship a being that is guilty of things that I KNOW are evil. I certainly could not pretend to love an all-knowing being because it would know that I was pretending. IF your god exists, then Hell is what I have to look forward to after I die and I can't avoid it, because I certainly can't love this god and because it probably planned to torture me in Hell long before I was ever born.

Your not going to die and burn right away, many dead souls are out their roaming around and wishing they were back to life to re-worship and testify in god, thats why their are called the [un-finish-business], though i have no hatred on you jesting and calling bad names in my god why? because im not equal and the highest supreme of judging people. My life and its has been planned the way Allah(god) wanted it, i well never be greater, though we all are sinners but just a person's that do good deeds EVEN IF that souls atom's believes and testify in god and that he worships he, he well end up in Jannah(paradise) on the day of Resurrection, the doors of Jannah(paradise) well open for that soul that believed in god but the other's, they well be rejected the same way they rejected god(HELL), hell....hell is very hot than the normal sun you see on this earth, when you burn your own soul well be wishing you had slept on the sun than the fire of hell, your well burn and tremble into pieces, the Angels well than bring another flesh of yours and clothe or piece you into your own skin again and your well burn and continue to do the pattern, as fro Jannah(Paradise) your whole entire you well be comfortable more than a slick of clothe can be. -Assalamu Allaikum wa marakmen tulahi wa barkatah-. (peace and bless B upon you)

What makes you think your "God" is even a god and not some other type of being that has deceived humans and is deceiving you? It certainly makes sense. A being with the supreme authority to judge everyone, can't possibly be a narcissist who tortures people forever, for doing things it planned on them doing, and be flawless.

If your life is the way that "God" planned it, then so is mine. If "God" is totally omniscient and knows everything that will happen, before it happens, then my life IS planned according to "his" will. This would mean I was created by a god that KNEW before I was ever born that I could never worship, love, or even believe in its existence, knowing that I would be sent to Hell after death. What could this mean? The only possibility would be that I was created for the purpose of being tortured, nothing else. If your god IS the only real god, then what I have said about it is true.

According to "his" standards, being a narcissist and a sadist is a sign of perfection, as long as you're not human anyway. That is how it always is. "God" can do whatever he wants because apparently he has the power and authority to do whatever he wants, even if it means doing the VERY SAME THINGS that are considered to be a sin if a HUMAN DID THOSE THINGS. If your god is real, than not only do you worship and believe in a sadistic narcissist, but your god would also be a hypocrite as well.

tell me how did other prophet do mericals when no man on this earth can even do? those who believe in gods are the successful one, your hiding the truth in you and I KNOW YOU KNOW THAT TOO, it says it to in the qur'an that "the astray ones well say oh do we mock these foolish? and they well replied by one and another (yes), but in they, they know [it] not". and you think my god does not forgive's people? another one from the qur'an "verily those who shed tears, are protecting their face from the fire of hell".

god has brought many prophets to this earth and many of us rejected them, tho here you are talking to a person who well be laughing at you on the throne of (dignity). though i really don't want to deal with this now its your life 'than go ahead and do many evil things your want', if you enter hell, (DON'T BLAME GOD) blame the things you have done on this earth, we are all talking puddle's of clay, (purely clay's) that was hand made from god, when you return to YOUR GOD TOO, what well yo say behalf on your returning? what action well you take forth?. think about it .

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