How To Be Sure

i have been thinking a lot lately about religion. i never went to church as a child, but i was baptized catholic and celebrate catholic holidays. we never really discussed "God" or "Jesus" as a family. i do have my own beliefs, but i don't think i belong to any one religion. i believe there is more to this life. i believe we all had past lives. how do u know for sure? how do so many people base their life upon a book? how do people still have faith when there is so much science to prove it wrong?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

i agree with what your saying. I was suppose to be baptized this summer but changed my mind. i was gonna get baptized just in case there was really such thing as heaven but then that would be entering a religion that i do not truly believe in. i think that people may get reincarnated. Recently i have been watching a show called Ancient aliens and it keeps opening my eyes to new reasons that their being an all mighty good out there is less plausible. There is one last thing that pushed me to the opnion i have now and it is from watching, through the wormwhole with Morgan Freeman. The episode was called did we invent good and it has a lot of key points about the reasoning for us desiring someone almighty but a reason that a god is not needed or even existent.

Yes I watch Ancient Aliens too. I believe some of the things that are on there. I think aliens artificially inseminated Mary and Jesus had powers because he wasn't whole human

I honestly think the bible is kind of made up by the catholic church so i am not really a fan of the whole concept of Mary and Jesus stories. But if i were, i would agree that Mary would have been interpreted by an ET and some named Jesus was born. they took orders from "God" AKA the alien, or alien race that made her pregnant in the first place they mistaken those beings for god when really they were ET.