Lost It? No, Never Really Had It.

I grew up with fundamentalist  Christians I just never got it. I provided my parents with a set of ready made responses to life saving them from the difficulty of making decisions. As a child I was under a lot of pressure to "witness" to the unbeliever. I couldn't very well convince others of something that i did not believe. Back at church I told lies and tried to fit in. That hell went on for years. I am now free of religion and all the guilt and shame that goes along with it. I do not claim to have the answers to all of life's questions, but I don't think that to embrace mythology as truth will will get me any closer.
PS. My lack of religion also means that I don't want to kill you for what you do or don't believe.
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4 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I feel that to about religion. but I don't want to lose it. maybe it's the people that I hate, not the religion. I'm on my way to believe in religion and God.

I too am now religion free. I'm only 21, but came to my conclusions about religion in the 9th grade. I had to "pretend" I was religious until I was 18 and able to finally explain to my parents that I was no longer going to be apart of something that I didn't believe in, and felt very differently about many things that religion believed. <br />
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I don't knock anyone if they are religious, just to me, it is no way to live life.<br />
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I believe that everyone should just be good people and live good lives. You don't really need to have some master hypocrite or long book to tell me how to live or what I should believe.<br />
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I liked your entry.

How about Psalm 3:7 ... would you call THIS good news? I would hate to hear the bad news! <br />
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We don't have all of the answers, but Fundamentalism is out of the question.

I never got it either. Fundamentalism only works for people who can put on the best acts or hide what they're really doing... not exactly stellar character traits as far as I'm concerned! I'm too real, too honest, and too flawed to be a part of it.