Born a Baptist

I was born into a fundamentalist Baptist family. I was raised to not only think that not following their specific path was a one-way ticket to Hell, but I was never even told about other religions. For the longest time, I went to church like a good girl and did everything like a good Baptist girl should.

I had an extreme culture shock when I got to high school. People were actually talking about their religions for the first time and I knew people who were dumping their boyfriends because they didn't follow the same religion they did. I finally got up the courage to ask about these strange religions like Buddhism, Islam, and Wicca. Of course, I was told the same thing over and over again; all of these religions were created by The Devil to lure me away from God and lead me into Hell where I would suffer in torment for all eternity.

When I was told, to my face, that my friends would be burning in Hell for not believing what the Baptist Church did, I couldn't deal with it anymore. I stopped going to church and stopped praying. By my senior year of high school I was studying religion intensely. I knew more about the major world religions than any of the Bible-thumping Baptists from my past and I just realized that it was all so wrong, naive, close-minded, and ignorant.

So, that's how I lost my religion. I am still researching, studying, and learning about religions three years later. I hope to one day find a spiritual home (possibly in the Unitarian Universalism religion, since they are so inclusive), but for now, I am just content with studying about the religions on my own and am still just trying to form my own conclusions about everything.
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It is okay to not know :) I was raised baptist as well. I lost my faith in college. I am in the same place you are in. I applaud you for being open minded.