I Felt Like I Was Lying to God

My mom comes from a family that is Catholic atleast 5 generations back from her. She is very devout in the religion, so it's almost natural that she would baptize her children in the same way, including me. Going to church while I was growing up, I never really thought much about how different my church was from other people's until I started going to church with other friends who had different religions. In school we started studying about all the nasty things the Catholic church used to do, and then the media came into play with the accusations of child molestation done by Catholic Preists. All of this really got the wheels turning in my head and got me thinking, do I really want to belong to a church that is this full of corruption?? I felt, while I was living at home atleast, I didn't have a choice. I'd sit in church with my mom every Sunday criticizing the church.. why did everything have to be so extravogent? Where does all the money come from? What good are they doing in the community? My boyfriend's church goes on mission trips everyyear, they donate money to charity all the time and are always volunteering in the community. My church never did any of that. While I sat in church, I'd walk away and feel like I was lying to God. I was sitting in this church missing out on a chance for pure worship and just criticizing the church. When I moved out I became a member of another church and can't say I've ever thought twice about it.
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Don't go looking for any other church - let go of the magic feather and you'll find you can fly without it (as Dumbo did!) .<br />
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Unfortunately religion plays on people's insecurities and often uses fear as a tool to keep people in line. But once you shake it off, you will feel free to get on with life. <br />
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And don't listen to those people who will tell you that religion provides a 'moral compass'. We've seen quite enough evils perpetrated in the name of 'god' (of all flavours) to show that that is a fallacy. The bible (and all other so-called sacred religious texts) is a hotch-potch of writings written over centuries by self-appointed prophets who had political agendas. If god created the universe, don't you think he could have managed to create his own quill pen and papyrus to jot down his teachings first hand!<br />
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Good luck.

This is what happening around everywhere..<br />
you are the god.......:)

just one thought ... church and religion will always fail you as they are run by fallible men and women. your faith needs to be in God, your worship should be of God, your studies should be of God, your actions reflecting Him and for Him ... none of this should be for the church or a religion... chances are you will go through MANY churches/religions in your adult life ... the reason? because it's not true. the only truth that can be found is from God Himself, not from some preacher/priest. commit yourself to reading the Bible 30 minutes a day in order from beginning to end for the rest of your life. that way when the church/religion fails you in the future, as it certainly will, you won't lose faith in God.