I Was Catholic...

I never thought it would happen. I wasn't born in a religious family, but we went to the church regurarly, every Sunday. I became first communicant, then came the confirmation. Everything was fine. I believed in God. I went to a normal primary school, but my technical school was Catholic. Once my parents stopped going to the church. It was hard for me to understand. At secondary school it was not problem. At school we had prayer, religion and masses.

But when I left school I was left lonely. My family didn't go to church. I had a crisis. Then came a good friend of mine and invited me to a youth camp. It was great, I was amoung religious, Catholic people. I started to believe again. I found a great community. I understood that a Catholic can't be on his/her own. I had a few good years. I had my wedding in church, too.

I don't know when it started. I couldn't pray. I always had problems with it. But now it was different. I didn't felt anything. Since then I don't know the way back. I have lost my friends. And God too. I can't go back to the church. I think it would be hypocrisy. Sometimes I feel that those people were my friend just because I was a believer too.  They did nothing!

I don't know if I ever be a believer again...
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Wat is it you actually believed.