Agnostic And Proud

Although I was born and raised Catholic and have been baptized and confirmed, I was never really religious to begin with. I went to a Catholic school for 9 years from kindergarten-jr. high. However, despite all this, I was ignorant. Why, you might ask? This is because I never bothered to analyze and think about what I was actually following. I guess you could say it was blind belief. My doubts were already brewing from the time I started my church's confirmation program, but I always ended up brushing them off and never shared them with anyone because my parents (mom in particular) are hardcore religious and wouldn't even dream of me not being a Christian (or doubting my faith, for that matter). As I hit my sophomore year in high school, I started paying attention to a couple controversial issues in politics because of my history class, and this really opened my eyes to the world (before that I kinda just went along with whatever my parents thought without reading about it). This was when I realized how corrupt religion had become in trying to impose their beliefs on society and preaching that they are right and everyone else was wrong. What REALLY pissed me off was my church's support for prop 8, which I am HIGHLY AGAINST, because it encourages society to continue looking down on others who cannot help the way they are. I was also seeing this in my church, as they would constantly tell us to "leave it up to God" or whatever. I highly disagreed with that and believe that we have control over many things that the church says to "leave up to God". Finally, a couple of months ago or so, I met someone (an atheist) who understood me and where I was coming from without even knowing me all that well. No, he did not convert me, nor did he try to, but he inspired me to really think about my (now former) religion and whether that was the kind of life I really wanted to live. I then came up with the following:

-You can't be a virgin and then miraculously find out you are pregnant. And it is not artificial insemination either because one it did not exist back in the said time, and two, you wouldn't get artificial insemination unless you have had sex countless times and all attempts to produce a child have been unsuccessful. 

-It is useless to pray for things like world peace because in reality, it just won't happen. And it is also useless to pray for things you have complete control over. Example: "Dear God, please help me do well on my (insert subject here) test tomorrow." You will do as well as you prepare for it. The better you prepare, the better you do. Simple. And if you do get a good score after the said prayer? That is a result of you telling yourself you are going to do well and studying well. You can't possibly just "leave it up to God" and therefore not try on the test. Answers will not miraculously pop in your head because you are leaving it up to your God. 

-"God telling you to do something" is all just your conscience (which is basically yourself) helping you discern right from wrong. Any sane person has a reasonable sense of right and wrong

-How the hell is someone dying on a cross a way of saving people from sin and evil? It did not rid the world of evil; nor will it ever do so, for there will always be hate and conflict for a plethora of reasons.

-"God" making you feel good about yourself is all within you. If you think positively, then you are the driving force behind your good feelings; God did not do that for you.

-"God" is not a dictator. YOU determine where you will go in life based on your interests and inclinations. YOU control your life. And you are definitely not called to do anything; you do something because you want to, not because someone else tells you to.

-Religion isn't worth it if it will be a source of conflict. There are always going to be arguments on whose religion is right and whose is wrong, and who isn't as good as everyone else. But face it: NOBODY IS RIGHT AND NOBODY IS WRONG.  SO SHUT THE **** UP.

-We can never know if there is a God or not. It cannot be proven. He may exist for some, he may not for others. Those who think so, it's more often that not blind belief. That is why I maintain that we can never be sure if there is indeed a God or not. 

For these reasons, I am a proud agnostic :) 

NOTE: I am not saying that Christians/theists are wrong in thinking what they think. I am not saying that I am right either. This is just a way to express my views on things that I can't with many people. Feel free to post your thoughts on this. 

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Thank you! :)

You are very smart and your story is well written.

Haha yup I definitely agree with you :P<br />
the church often makes the mistake of trying to combine religion with science and/or politics and that ****** me off