Smells Like...nothing

I lost my sense of smell due to a head injury in Dec 2005.  I could not smell anything for a year and still only smell occasionally.  Very strong odors such as bathrooms are perceptible but not strong at all.  Barely noticeable. 
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Yeah I agree with Beadie. It does affect your sense of taste though I can tell if something is good or not so good. The advantage is that I can eat more healthy foods....foods that I didn't like before like squash and tomatoes.

hey thanks beadie...I'm going on 4 years and still have virtually no sense. I do occasionally smell something but whenever I try to smell something it doesn't work out. Oh well...

Anosmia is the loss of sense of smell. Hyperosmia is an increased ability to smell. <br />
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Someone told me the word anosmia a while back but I had forgotten it. I had to google it just now. <br />
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I cannot exactly smell food cooking but I think I can sense it at a very subtle level. I can tell the difference between a smelly bathroom or a fragrant kitchen. I really can't smell garlic or onions though. Onions burn my eyes but there's no smell. <br />
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I've purchased some essential oils and I sniff them to try to get back in touch with smelling. I can barely smell them, just very subtley, but I think the more I 'practice' with my nose, the more likely I will be able to smell again one day. <br />
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My barometer is the ability to smell something when people ask me to. Throughout the last 3 years people say "hey smell this" and I cannot at all smell it. Once I can do that again, even just a little bit, I will feel better about it.

Can you smell food cooking?<br />
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What exactly is it called when you can't smell? Not being able to see is blind, not being able to hear is deaf, so what's not being able to smell?

LOL...that is awesome! I don't give out LOL's often at all. I'll remember the thin/thick thing. Great advice. I'm really hoping to find a woman soon with some thin juices so I don't keep having to taste different ones.

You are too cute....I think maybe your lack of sense of smell allows you to enjoy all types of ***. Other women that say they like it tell me that some tastes better than others. I know that since I lost my sense of smell I've been able to eat a lot of things that I used to not like. It's definitely been helpful in the whole vegetarian thing. <BR><BR>I worry a little bit though cause ***** doesn't really smell like much nor can I tell how a womans breath is. I thought about writing a song about how I married a woman and then years later when my sense of smell returned I found out that she has foul breath. <BR><BR>I agree totally that there are beneficial things resulting from brain least minor ones. I noticed myself becoming more visual as well and also just feeling all of my other senses elevated. It was hard to describe but I just kept telling people that I felt different, in a good way. The world looked a little different.<br />
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I'll have to check out that link tomorrow but I'll let you know what I think. Thanks!!

well maybe not...I don't think the toxins have to be at a deadly level to make some stinky *****. Some people live long lives with unhealthy bodies. I just think they don't enjoy it as much (and pretty much don't know how much better it could be).

If that is true, my soon to be ex husband will fall over dead any minute.

haha...yeah. I've heard women complain of it tasting terrible at garlic or just some really pungent odor. I think it reflects the levels of toxicity in your body.

Haha! That is true, my friend. I dated a vegetarian at one point, and you are on to something there with the *****.

Well cause I've asked quite a number of people, including those that I feel strongly would tell me, would probably take joy in telling me. Plus I really never had odor problems when I could smell. <br />
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Plus I have a much better diet than I ever have...eating vegetarian, lots of salads, greens, fruit. <br />
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And I've been told my *** tastes good too which is a reflection of my diet :)

Hmm.. are you sure you don't need the deodorant? <br />
I mean, like how do you really know?

No I haven't seen a doctor since a few weeks after the accident. I'm starting to become concerned cause the fractured area itself is still sensitive 2 years 3 months later and it throbs when I sleep on that side of my head for too long. I just got a job and will have health insurance next fall. Can't wait! LOL <br />
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Thank you for the info by the way, I'll make a note in my email account to ask the doctor about that when I see one.

Have you seen a neurologist? Maybe you have a lesion in your olfactory nerves, or in one of the sensory neural pathways in the cranial nerve nuclei. It's worth getting it checked out.

Yes it is, I don't miss smelling the bad things though. I do miss the smell of basil.

in highschool a friend of mine lost his sense of taste. i can only assume he lost his sense of smell as well since they are so closely related. he tried so hard to be able to taste food or anything at all. to this day he smothers everything in pepper and hot sauce. he doesn't realize it's too hot until he's dabbing the sweat beads from his forehead with a napkin. my mother has a nose like a hound. my brother and i were not blessed in that respect. both of us can barely smell anything - it has to be quite strong. but i'm sure it's nothing like what you're going through. i'm sorry to hear it and i hope lil by lil it comes back. the brain is a mysterious creature. i too suffered some neurological trauma but am proof, after 3 years while it's not perfect or anywhere near it, it CAN get better. i've seen some improvement. it's been minimal but it IS improvement nonetheless. i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

that's how I am.. <br />
I can't smell anything, unless it's very strong. If something is burning, I can't perceive it until someone points it out, even then, I have to concentrate to smell it.