Can Barely Smell Anything

well over a year ago i almost completely lost my sense of smell.

i can still taste food quite well, but I can only smell things if they are REALLY strong.

like if i drive past a dead skunk on the road, or if something really strong is pretty much right under my nose.

the other night one of my cats took a poop in her litter box and my fiance was on the couch laughing and almost gagging over the smell, and I couldnt smell a thing.

and ever since I started having this problem with my sense of smell, my nose almost always feels like its clogged or stuffed up.

i saw a specialist, who gave me prescription nasal spray to try, and i used it and it didnt really make a difference, and i was told the only other option would be surgery, which i really wasnt excited about doing.

so i have pretty much just been living with my problem.

id love to get rid of it, but I dont want to get surgery, anyone have any possible ideas?

valek valek
26-30, M
1 Response Nov 17, 2009

Sounds like sinus to me ... My daughter went to a specialist and now she asks me.... WHATS THAT SMELL... I giggle sometimes and tell her ... oh it's just your top lip! LoL