I miss my sister

My sister was diagnosed in May of 07 with AML leukemia.  She went through so much to fight this terrible monster. After aggressive chemo and consolidation she did go into remission and was doing well, the treatment was hell but she fought as hard as anyone I have ever known.  In January of 08 the monster returned this time we were told she would have to have a stem cell transplant (bone marrow) but only if she could get back into remission for a second time and find a stem cell donor.  This was her best chance for survival..  In March of 08 she had her transplant and I was blessed to be her donor a perfect match we felt we had finally beat this terrible disease.  The treatment took a toll on my sister Kathy but she again fought harder than anyone could have.  She was beginning to feel better and we were elated with her progress only for a short time though.......  July of 08 on a routine bone marrow biopsy we got the horrible news again that the Leukemia had returned.  Kathy and our whole family was still in survival mode and decided to forge on with her treatment.  Her doctor found a experimental drug "antisoma"  that was offered to her but with very little encouragement, Kathy went into remission for a third time, our prayers had been answered......  she would be able to have the second stem cell transplant..  In Oct of 08 Kathy had Radiation and more chemo to make sure the Leukemia was still gone I was able to be Kathy's donor once again.  She was doing well only a few minor problems or so we thought.  In early Dec 08 Kathy started having trouble with her breathing she was rushed to MICU where she spent the next 5 weeks.  This has to have been the most horrible thing my family and I have ever experienced.....  everything that could possibly go wrong did.  She had Lung, kidney and liver failure.  One of the hardest things was that she was still in remission and the transplant did work, her body had just had all it could take.  We were and still are devastated.  My parents are in there 80's, she has a daughter 32, There was 10 years between us but you would have never known that.  She was truly my best friend.  Even though we knew this was a hard disease to fight we never thought we were going to lose her.  Our faith was so strong.  I know she is in heaven and that is a comfort but it does not take the pain away.  I have never written on a site like this before but just felt I needed to write about this.  Please forgive me for my ramblings......  I have been told it might help to write about this.  I just miss my sis so much.. she was the best!

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Thank you so much for your kind words..... I do have wonderful memories of my sis, and this does help to get me through the tough times. I am so sorry you and your family are dealing with such a rare cancer. I know what it is like waiting for results, I feel your pain and know what you have been through as well.. Please know you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you wait for the results of the biopsy. Please let me know how things progress. I really appreciate your reaching out to me especially at a time when you are dealing with your own family crisis. May the peace of Christ be with you...........

this is a sad experience you have shared and i can understand how you are feeling. I too am a stem cell donor my brother has waldenstroms macroglobulanemia, a rare cancer only five in a million get it. We too have been through pretty much what your family have gone through. My brother is in remission now, but now they think that my cells are now attacking his. He has been today for a biopsy so we arent going to know for sure until he gets his results back whats happening with him. <br />
All i can say is that your Kathy had the best sibling she could ask for. One who was prepared to do anything to ensure her chances of survival. Sounds like she gave it everything she had, but unfortunately things dont always work out how we plan them to, or expect and want them to. But im sure that you have many good memories that you can rely on to pick up your spirits. She sounded like a real trouper you also said she had a daughter ,so shes still alive in her daughter and shes at peace.