My Beautiful Sister

i lost my sister to breast cancer on the 9th dec 2008,i miss here dearly she was like my best friend,on the day she passed away i was at the hospital visting her,then that night i spoke to the nurses they told me she was sitting up this was about 7.00pm,then at 10.00pm i received a phone call saying your sister just passed away.when she was diagnosed she was in stage 3 the cancer invaded her lymph nodes it spread to her lungs.around about the same year i was diagnosed with lung cancer i had 2 different tumors on both lungs on my right   top lung i had adenicarcoma,left lower i had large cell,i had both of them operated on went through chemotherapy for  6months im in remission have been for the pass 4 sister was 58 when she passed away same age as our mom she also passed away with breast cancer.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I wish there were better words of condolence than "I'm sorry" for those words imply guilt where there is no responsibility. I do, however, feel your pain and were there any words at all that could ease that pain, I would use them. I lost my sister to an autoimmune disease few have heard of. We battled being abandoned by our parents to being sent to a foster home that beat and starved us as well as my surviving childhood leukemia together. She was more than my sister; she was my mother, my sanctuary, my best friend and my guardian angel. A large part of me died when she died. Although I have a very loving husband and two wonderful children I will never be whole without her. She came to me in my dreams the night she died and several times again in the months that followed. I love it when I see her in my dreams and I hate waking up from them because she means so much to me. If there is anything I am learning in the experience it is that our time hear holds meaning if we have an impact on someone's life. We can turn that pain and heartache into love ans send it outward into the world as something good. Take that energy being lost in tears and turn it outward into the world where it is needed. Help someone who needs the love as much as you need the release from pain. In that way you can honor those you have lost and start to fill the void in your heart with something meaningful. Having survived cancer twice in my life, I believe that cancer is a physical manifestation of the sickness in our hearts and souls. We need to heal the wrongs in our "little worlds" and we will be stronger and more whole when we do. May you succeed in finding peace as your life has already been peppered with enough pain and suffering. My heart goes with you!

im real sorry for ur lost .. but just know that she is in a better place now watching over you. She is ur guardian angel.