My Beautful Baby Sister

                       my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nov 2006. she was not only beautiful on the out side but even more on the inside.         she had a son,  josh 23 and rwo daughter Becca 8 and Macy,6 and a six year old grandson, Gaven.I spent everytime in the hospital with her. She faught so hard it stay here for her kids. She was a great mom.Josh got married on August 16th the day after his mom would have turned 40. They are exspecting thier new son in June the month of her death.I know she would be so happy for them and I am too, but every day I am missing her more. I am 54 and she was my daughter, my sister and my best friend. I never was able to give birth to my children. Ihad 10 miscarrages


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1 Response May 29, 2009

I'm truly sorry. That is such a loss.