My Beautiful Sister

I lost my Sister 18months ago, and the pain is unbearable.
She died of a brain aneurism. The day that she died something inside me died. We loved each other so much, and always told each other everything. We knew each other inside out. We were always there for each other when needed.
Nobody talks about her or my loss, and I feel lost.
I am not a young person. I am 56yrs old and have already lost many dear people in my life, I always I thought that my Sister and I would grow old together. I feel as though I should get a grip.
Verderveldt Verderveldt
56-60, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

She is always with you!

Of course it is fine to feel grief, your sister was part of you, don't worry, i promise. the pain it will always be there, i lost my cousin (my best friend when we were 12) and i still cry to this day but i know she is in a better place. your sister is in a better place too instead of dwelling and what you dont have dwell on what you do have, write a biography about your sister, not to be published or anything just to write about here, put in some photos, edit it and self-publish it and read on her birthday, it is a way of moving on.

Yes you are right of course, and thank you. I had a beautiful Sister for 55yrs and I was very lucky. I just miss her so so so so much.

Absolutely. I am very sorry for your loss.