It All Happened So Fast...

It happened in 2002, when my little sister who was only six years old at the time died. It was one of those things that no one plans for or expects. I was only 16 at the time, it was a few days after Mother's Day. Our house was set on fire, a molotov cocktail was put through one of our side windows. By who? Well the family has their thoughts on who, but it's been years and the police have yet to arrest the person. The only people home were myself, my little sister and my best friend, who was 15 at the time. Which made me the oldest, the one in charge. By the time we knew the house was on fire (we were upstairs away from where it was set) it was too late to do anything. I couldn't get to my sister who was in the next room, which lead to my friend dragging me out of the house. Men from the neighbourhood attempted to go inside and get her out, but they couldn't. The only bit of piece i get from any of it, was that later on we were told by the doctor's that she didn't burn to death, but had just fallen asleep and died from the smoke before the fire ever got a chance to touch her. I was thankful to find out that she didn't suffer, but that hasn't done anything to help elevate my guilt of not savig her. I know i was only a child myself when it happened, and i've been told many times that i was not my fault that she died. But even now as a grown woman, i cannot and will not ever forgive myself. She was my baby sister, and such an amazing little kid. Everyone who met her adored her, and i can't help but feel like i helped remove her light from the world. There isn't a day that go by that i don't think about her, or relive those last moments in my mind.

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what a sad sad story i am so sorry for you, i cant imagine your pain. i belive strongly in god and heaven and i belive your sister would not want you to blame yourself.. she sees it all clearly now and knows exactly what happened that night. she looks down at you and SMILES!!!

I am so sorry for your loss. But it wasn't your fault. I am sure that you did every thing you could to save your little sister. I hope you find a way to forgive yourself. god bless