I Had To Decide To Turn Off My 3day Old Sons Life Support

my son died due to medical error. he was my first born child and i had a healthy pregnancy. when i went into labour they broke my waters and there was thick meconium, the doctor did not call for a c-section, my babys heart monitor showed he was in great distress and yet they still let me continue.5 hours later i gave birth and they whisked him away, 20 minutes later a nurse asked me if i wanted a chaplin, no explanation!i went to see my son and he was being ready to be transferred to another hospital and i was told he probably would not survive, well my little man did. 3 days later i had to decide to turn off his life support which they told me it would be minutes after that that he would pass. 3 days later he was still holding on and passed late that night. i now live with the thoughts of did i do the wrong thing? i fought medical error and won. they paid his funeral and headstone costs and the doctor had to write me a apology letter and that was all. how can he just carry on...because he still has his family at home after a day at work and here i am 8 years later still grieving. i dont understand it somedays.
4evaluvd 4evaluvd
Sep 24, 2012