I Lost 2 Sons

First son was in 1977 from brain cancer at 8 months old. Poor Steven didn't have to suffer too long, just a couple months from the time he started have symptoms. Then in jan of 2002 I lost my Troy at 13 years old to a horrible freak accident in the shower getting ready for school on a mon morning. Most horrible day of my life.
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Then I loss my husband to brain cancer dec. 22,2012. He was sick for 9 yrs off and on with something else but got better and went back to work in 2007. Was diagnoised with brain cancer a couple of days before he passed.

I am so sorry. You have two angels in heaven.

every 1 has his worst day ever.they r children and they will be in the heaven like birds
i heard about it and i believe in it.u will met them again in the next life.
and in the next life there is no dead or life just living together and nothing going to set u apart from ur kids. thanks for sharing

I hope your right.