I Met My Soulmate, But Destiny Did Us Apart.

Few years ago, I went to vacation in Madrid. There I met an angel. His dark eyes were deep and I was catch in them. He was in same hotel. Me and my friends were having fun with he and his friends, but my teacher (at that time I was still at school) said that we must be separate. I went to balcony and there he was, and he said, if he can come back to my room. Girls which should be in my room decided to go to another room and I had a room on my own. I said him that he can come to me. Teacher didnt noticed that he was with me. We were talking, sharing experiences, I remember everything. I just didnt never talk so much with almost a stranger. He has a band, he is drummer, he is working and studying. Every moment I know more and more that he is the one. We didnt have sex, or anything simular. But what I feel was only pure love. I cant forget that dark eyes. And the personality of the angel. His personality is perfect he really understands me and in this years since we know eachother he gave me some great advices.
First few months since I met him, we were in contact almost every day. Once he said me that he was dreaming me and that in dreams we were not only friends. Sometimes I had feeling that he also wants to be with me. I taught that he things the same about me. That year I didn't went to any dates, I was not flirting. I had a feeling that I was in relationship somehow. But then it started to be silent. We weren't talking that much. And one day I seen a picture that he has a girlfriend. I started to be sad, I didnt know what to do. And I was still hoping that someday we will be together. I was not trying to get someone else, I was just waiting on him. In spring I met my boyfriend. I didn't attend to have a boyfriend, but somehow it happend. Now we are together for almost two years. And my soulmate is still in relationship.
I must admit that since the day that I met him I am thinking about him. There is no day that I do not think about him. And every moment is difficult for me. I really love my boyfriend, but my real love, love of my life is living a thosands miles away from me. It is painfull. I do not belive that someday I wont be thinking about him.
Few months ago I asked him if his girlfriend is his soulmate. And he said that he thinks she is. That moment I was lost. Even if I think that maybe she isnt his soulmate. I told him that my boyfriend isnt my soulmate and I told him that I met my soulmate few years ago. Then he started to asking me who it is. And i didnt tell him. He asked me if my soulmate is from other country, and I didnt tell him. Because if I would, he would know that he is.

I am desperate, I do not know what to do. I will probably never tell him that he is the one, because I dont want to loose him, if he doesnt feel the same. Even If he feels the same, it is dificult to me because I am in good relationship which I cant leave like that.

I do not know what to do, and I am crying right now and everytime when I am just thinking, my heart is falling apart, and I feel the pain. It is difficult and I want to go 2 years in past and run with him.


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He has moved on ... So can you, and who knows someday ... All is better than wishing for what could have been ... believe me

i dont know,still ur thoughts r d same fr him,but...let me tell u sumthing,,,,i lost my soulmate 9 yrs back,but still think abt him,,,i know...dt i will never frget him,but in my case....he knows wht ,i feel fr him....n i too know wht he feels,,,d thing s dt,we can never meet in life,,,....just tell him once,wht u feel,,,may b he is still waiting fr u..gud luck

don't know u r..never will..but all i can say is that i felt the same thing for a girl not so long ago. she was perfect for me. She was one in a million reserved,funny,smart,beautiful,independent, amazingly generous and kind. I fell for her . I grew crazy. She was my soulmate, at least i knew so. magic moments lovely secrets wonderful journeys decorated my life when she was with me. then gradually we rooted apart due to work..now she hardly has time for anyone... can't blame her but she was stubborn and tried to hide her fear of commitment and let our friendship to die. It hurts horribly.<br />
I never told her how i feel about her. She will probably never know about it now. IF YOU FEEL HE IS THE ONE, LET HIM KNOW ELSE YOU MIGHT YOURSELF ALL ALONE LOADED WITH REGRETS AND BROKEN DREAMS....good luck in your life anyway.

You DON"T need to have sex to have a soulmate.

Hon I don't think he was your soulmate if he would have been both you would have noticed there would have been this incredible attraction between both of you every time you would have seen each other and that's for sure there would have been sex the most intensive form of sex you could ever imagine believe me I have experienced it