I lost the one person in this world that gives my life meaning .Yes I did my share of pushing her away but never did I mean too..Altho i know she love me just as she has from day one ..just don't know how to take her staying back in that house ...**** I gave you rite back to very one I tried to keep you from..my heart n my world empty with you ...you made me who I am today you took me at my lowest n love me back up to my highest ..I pray my love I pray ...I'll take half if can't have all some is better then none
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

hi... in know how it feels... (hope you'll take time to read)

i read an article something about having someone...
"if he/ she is really for your, then he/she will come back in due time, but if he/she won't come back, then that person is not yours in the first place..."

these words are true and painful... especially if you have truly and sincerely loved the person. It's so hard to accept losing him/her.

Am struggling, but this is the truth, I could no longer bring back time.

Our lives are not like a recorder that anytime we can play it again and delete some unwanted circumstances. The truth about life has no replays or rewinds, deletes or edits... it's a life that has "MOVE ON" words... But one thing? EVERYTHING has its own PURPOSE.

all we have to do? just express, sooner or later, everything will be unloaded! good things are about to come...

It's hard, I know... but this is life...