Quad Accidents

Just wanted to use this website to inform people of the risks of quad bikes. They make seem like fun and be some what of a hobby for people but without knowing how the drive one safely and knowing the risks they can be very dangerous!
I was only 17 when the quad I was on with a friend crashed along with 2 other people. The person driving didn't know how to drive it but had assured me he did.. Unfortunatley for me he crashed and I flew 10 foot into the air and hit a pole. I had enternal bleeding from my ruptured spleen as well as deep cuts and grazes all over my body. I was rushed to 3 different hospitals in Greece and rushed straight into surgery to have it removed. I did all that on my own in a foreign country un aware of what was going on. Now I'm 20 and will never get on any sort of bike again not to mention the 12 inch scar on my belly is a constant reminder that I almost died because of somebody's stupid mistake.
I hope after reading this people understand the risks and are careful!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013