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One time I was on the beach at a resort boogie boarding. The resort was laid out so that the hotel and pool were about a quarter of a mile away from the beach with the only access to the beach being a long board walk. My family was all at the pool and I decided to go to the beach to play for a while. I got to the beach and began to boogie board when all of the sudden I was paddling out and a large wave washed over me and pulled my swim suit off. I panicked, because the beach was pretty crowded. The water was very dirty, with a lot of seaweed so I could not find my suit. I looked for about 15 minutes before I faced the fact that I was not going to find it. I decided that I would walk back to my room with my board in front of me so that if I met a anyone they would not even know that I was naked. The beach was pretty crowded, but I walked pretty fast and I don't think very many people saw my butt. It was the board walk that had me worried. It was pretty narrow meaning that I would have to get pretty close to anyone that walked by. I passed a few people that did not even give me a second glance, but then I came up on a group of what looked to be college girls, I was only 13 at the time. I passed by them and gave them a brief nod. Then I just hoped that they would not turn around and see my bare bottom. But sure enough a few seconds later I heard one of them say "Oh my God, he's naked!" I turned around to see all of them dying laughing and one of them pulling a camera out of her bag. I started to run, but I still heard the camera shutter. I made it down the rest of the board walk without incident. Once I was in the hotel I ran over to the elevator and pressed the button. After what seemed like an hour of waiting the door finally opened and I stepped inside. We were one floor 5 but the elevator stopped at 3. I thought I was going to die. I backed into a corner with my board blocking me and a middle aged woman got in the elevator. It was very awkward trying to back out of the elevator without the woman seeing that I was naked. I think she saw me because she kind of gasped when I turned to run. When I got to my room my family was not back, but I explained my situation to the giggling house keepers a few doors down. They let me back in my room. And I stayed there for the rest of the day.
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Aug 22, 2014