Boo Boo


When   I  was  6  there  was  a flood   .  When   I  woke   up    I  found  my   Teddy    Bear    Boo 

Boo .  He  was  drenched  and  couldn't   be   saved  .   The  water   damage   was    to  extreme.    My  Teddy   could  not  be  saved.

rockybear397 rockybear397
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4 Responses Apr 15, 2008

Yes you are right there likes chips you can't have just one. LOL.

Not to suggest Teddy Bear polygamy, but one may not be enough. My "Smiley" bear is still number one, and I have a few more for backup.

Thanks My honey got me a new one to replace Boo Boo. It help he is the most thoughtful.

Teddy bears are special friends. Mine are tear soaked.<br />
Sorry to hear of your loss.