My Only True Friend, My Teddy Bear

Well, my story is about how I lost my most cherished friend, my teddy bear. His name was Alexander, and so is mine. I gave him that name because it was imprinted on his front. I've had him since I was six, but I just went and blew it and lost him. It all happened about two weeks ago. I was invited to one of my very good friend's house for a sleepover with a few of my other friends, and we were mucking around. Once we settled down a bit, I took Alexander out of my bag, and carelessly tossed him to one of my friends so that they could have a look at him. They put him down on the couch, and I didn't go back to get hin and put him in my bag. I totally forgot about him, and we all eventually went to sleep. In the morning, we played outside. As everyone left, I was the last one. I decided to pack my bag, and then that's when I realised he was missing. Me and my friend checked under the couch, unfolded the sofa bed and everything. No matter how hard we looked, he was no-where to be found. His house a bit of a mess, anyway. Then the time came where I had to go. I didn't want to leave, not until I had my precious Alexander back. But I had no choice. When I got home, I told my dad that I left Alexander at the party. My dad was sympathetic, and knew how I felt about Alexander. I told him where I last saw him, and all the other details. I also told my mum, and she had the same feeling towards the situation as my dad did. They both suggested I should ring my friend and tell him to keep looking, and for him to bring Alexander to school when he found him. I did so. He looked everywhere, but couldn't find him. This is where I got emotional. I started to cry a bit. I told him everyday at school to look, but each day he turned up without him. I had been in a heavy depression ever since I left him there. That's when my mum decided to act. She rung my friend's parents, and told them of the situation. They understood how I felt, too. They made sure my friend would look thouroughly. But still, no luck. Each night, I sit up in bed and cry my eyes out for a bit until I feel I can go to sleep. I have tormenting thoughts such as Alexander in a garbage bin alone in the rain, or lying helplessly in the middle of no-where. Even as I write this, I am struggling not to cry, but it's hopeless. I can't help but shed tears. It has only been two weeks, and I've lost many things at this particular friend's house that have eventually turned up, but this time it's different. Although there's a almost certain chance that he'll turn up, I can't help but feel like I have lost him forever. If he does ever return, I will make a solemn vow to him as soon as he's with me again- never to lose sight of him again, and to never let one strand of his fur to leave the house. If he doesn't return, I hope he knows that I'm sorry, and that if I never see you again, I'll remember you for the rest of my days. This may seem as a bit of a fuss over just a stuffed toy, but Alexander is more than that. He is and always will be, a friend. And a friend for life. I'll never forget him.
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I stared to sleep with my teddy in i was 10 i lost him at 15 never coul geg over that so my mom found me another i wad going thougt a bit of a bad time she under stood then when i was 21 i came home he was gone could not sleep loney what am i to do she said you are to old well i found my slef A new best friend his name is tyler my big stuffed doggy she still say get red of him no hope you find him ps find my teddy in the and still hve him hidden

Yes, teddy bears are most loving. I began sleeping with my bear again about age 45, that was 25 years ago. My special bear is "smiley bear", she has brought me so much comfort on sad and lonely nights. There were so many difficult nights due to my daughter that it was a comfort to snuggle with Smiley bear and cry myself to sleep. I'm 70 now and remarried, but bears are still a part of my life.<br />
Yes, it's OK to hug your bear and cry yourself to sleep, no matter how old you are.<br />
I hope you find your friend.

Our precious Teddy Bears are not just stuffed toys. After they have been with us for a while, they are much more than that. I am 41 and I have cried each of the last 5 days since losing my little boy's precious bear. At least it sounds like there's a good chance you'll get yours back. Best of luck :)

Teddy bears are important, no matter how tear stained they are. Guess that's what makes them so important, they absorb our tears. Hope you are reunited soon.