No One Against Me

It was a beautiful, warm sunny day outside like spring but it was the day after my birthday I remember it as if it was yesterday january 5 Two years ago .That when l lost him .. lets skip back a couple more years . lt was early evening and the air was dry and dusty as l stood at the sink with the pistol pointed threw the curtains Careful to shift quietly and trying to hear and translate what was being said between the partys . Not many people drove so far out without reason and Jon had a way of making enemys He only saw the world his way no discussion. lt was two boys who lived on the other side of the ranch celebrateing the younger of the twos birthday . Frankie l remember him never got involved in the local activety always working real jobs always polite Thats why when jon went to prison the last time I trusted frankie when he told me l was in danger I knew jon had started war against certain group . frankie stayed BRB
ExposedSoul ExposedSoul
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

whats this a Mafia Movie..