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If Only His Mum Came Home Later..

i've been with my boyfriend for almosst 5 months now. We had been together before, but ended up breaking up because he was acting real wierd. anyway, we got back together and after about 2 weeks we started doing different things, like he fingered me, i tossed him off etc. After about a month we spoke about sleeping together but never went ahead with it. i'm 14 and he's 15, and last month we decided that we both wanted to do it. it was kinda rushed into it beccause we were only home alone at his for about an hour until his mum came home. it wasn't like i'd expected at all, it hurt for the first 5 minutes but then it was great. the only bad thing was that his mum came home around half an hour before she was supposed to, walked into the room and saw us. i've never been able to look at her the same again:/
Savannah254 Savannah254 13-15, F 21 Responses May 30, 2011

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have no idea how many times Nana ask us what we thought we were doing

add me pls


what did she say when she caught you?
Did you guys finish?

Sounds like a really bad experience

Did she trip?

its alright u don't have to be embarrassed that's live people needs to get over it

Just be safe & don't do it again til your really ready .

it's ok ,, happens in life

I was told from someone that my mom walked in on me and my girl friend but she never confronted me about it so I just try to act like it never happened. Lol

It is a nice story.... Be safe. Don't do it again.

I hope he was wearing a condom or you are on birth control tell me that please you way to young to have A child. So has his mother said anything to you about what she saw or she just forgot about it now.

did she call your mother

our mother opened our door once i guess sheh ad knocked first but no one said anythign so she and our grandparents opened the door to check on us and just stood there i shock<br />
<br />
they new we had been mking love for a few months now but we had found a new way to us to make love by kissing<br />
as roeberta looked over and saw them she just said she loved them but we had found a new way<br />
<br />
our mother told her sorry honey you are not the first to figure that our yet as the closed the door we finshed what we were doing<br />
<br />
i know they loved us and i know we tested them a few times over the next few years <br />
but we could not have children and we all knew it

You need to be safe girl and you are a little young.

i sure hope he was wearing a condom or you was on the pill. Or maybe it was good his mom came home.

well dont feel bad cuz your boyfriend is here cuz his mom did the same thing with his dad. :) so just remember she was f#### when she was young too. we all humans and its natural thing. hold your head up girl and use protection.

don't worry I understand.....happened with me once, my mom came home early while I was with my boyfriend but somehow I managed to get him out of the house before mom came to know.....

such a great ending to our story

I would have been so embarresed but turned on too. lol

too young,against the law.trojans i hope