Best Friends Sister...

I grew up raised by my grand parents and the kid that lived next door to me became my best friend and in turn his parents kind of semi-parents to me. We went to sports games together, always spent the nights together, played on the same sports teams. His sister was a year ahead of us in school and almost a full 2 years older than i was at the time. I had been sexually active since i was about 12, but had never actually had sex. I had done everything else numerous times. It always came to the "I'm not really ready" from the girls my age. From talking to my guy friends it really always comes down to the girls saying that they are ready, i mean guys pretty much say im good to go at the drop of the hat. But anyways, I ended up going over to his house and then he got called in to work {his parents owned a store a short distance away} And so I said i'd be leaving in a few minutes. We had been watching a movie and he said that'd be fine cause his sister was there and everything. So he left and then i finished the last 15 minutes of the movie and grabbed my stuff to head home. I peaked my head into his sisters room, her name was Megan. She was sitting on her bed listening to music. She took off her head phones and started asking me about the movie and music and whatnot, just regular small talk. Then she asked if I could help her move her dresser that had her tv on it. So i helped her do that. It was at this point she got up and I realized just how good she looked at that moment, she was wearing a school t shirt and a pair of soccer shorts. I helped her move the dresser and then she said thanks alot and gave me a big hug. We had hugged a bunch of times before then so it wasn't that big of a deal, but this hug was just different. After we parted, i left my hands on the side of her stomach and she looked at me, then she said "So I heard from Katie that you were a really good kisser, lucky girl". I didn't really know what to say to that but i managed to eek out a "yeah, I guess. I've been told". and then she leaned in and started kissing me. We made out for about 5 minutes then she broke off and moved over to her bed. I followed her eagerly. We laid on the bed and started kissing more, then I started to run my hands over her body. Her breasts were about B cups, and at this point were just amazing to me. I took off her shirt and bra and then she took off mine. I kissed her body and then removed her shorts and under wear. I fingered her and ate her out for about 10 minutes {which felt like hours, i swear}. After she came I stood up and was really ready to put my shirt back on, but she started to unzip my pants and she took out my ****. I was always told that I'm bigger than average. At this point I hadn't ever measured or anything but since I have, and if you really want to know i'm sure i can tell you in a message {or however you people talk on here}. She gave me to this day one of the best ******** I've ever had. About mid point of me getting ready to ***, I told her to stop and asked if she wanted to have sex. I had no condoms and knew my friend didnt. She reached around her bedside table for a minute and pulled out an envelope that had like three or so in there. She gave it to me, and for a moment I had forgotten everything I had ever learned about putting one on. I quickly fumbled through the process of putting it on, and I got on top of her. She spread her legs farther than I would've ever imagined and I slowly put it in, I had about half of it in before I started working it back and forth, we had sex missionary style for about 10 minutes, then we switched to to doggy style, this only lasted maybe 5 minutes give or take, I was pretty much reciting the periodic table at this point thinking of anything to stop *******. Then she got on top of me and rode me for about 10 minutes. I came about half way through it and tried my best to make it stay as hard as possible. She came right after i did, and then rode me until I started to go limp. We ended up having sex probably a handful more times after that in the years. I never told my friend and i'm quite sure she never told him. So to this day he doesn't know that his sister took my v-card. I ended up telling everyone that it was a girl named Ashley, with whom I slept with about a month or two after this happened. She thought she was my first as well.
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Awesome Story! O.O

You gonna marry her?

Hot story!

waahh.. nice

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I would have loved to been there with the both of you..smiles all around

I would have loved to been there with the both of you..smiles all around

best not ruin a good relationship with your friend! i don't really understand why friends don't want you ******* their sisters or mothers!!???