Coerced Babysitter

The family that I babysat for the most lived across town but they were friends of my parents, so Mr. Lake would come and get me and drive me back home afterwards, and not seem to mind the drive. He was handsome and his wife was pretty, so I was flattered as he seemed to pay attention to me and enjoy my company. I had just turned 14, was about 5' 4" tall, 90 pounds, blonde hair and newly elected onto the cheer squad at school.

One night taking me home he asked if I minded if we stopped in a park and talked? I didn't mind at all. He pulled into a dark parking lot of a city park and asked me about school and boyfriends and then told me that he thought that I was very pretty and that he would like to kiss me! I was very surprised and before I could figure out what to say, he pulled me to him and covered my mouth with his and he was kissing me! I had been kissed by a boy at school, but he certainly didn't kiss like Mr. Lake! I was enjoying what was happening until I felt his hand cover my young breast through my blouse and he was squeezing it softly as he kissed me! I was surprised and ashamed and also excited. When he broke the kiss, he asked me if I liked it? I said, blushing, that yes, I did, but that I was uncomfortable with his hand on my breast. Mr. Lake told me that I should be proud of my breasts and that playing with a girl's breasts is how a guy shows a girl that he likes her and that he liked me a lot. If I liked him too, he said, then I should be proud to show him my young breasts! He reached over and kissed me again, and I let him, and I felt his hand on my breast again, squeezing it, then he took me home.

That next week I was afraid that he would call and ask me to sit for him again, and I was also afraid that he wouldn't call. He did call me, and he was very polite and I agreed to sit again that next weekend. On the way taking me home that next time, I think that I knew that we would park again and he did. He asked me if I had thought about what he had said and whether I was going to show him how much I liked him by showing him my breasts? I was blushing terribly as he kept encouraging me to unbutton my blouse, which I shyly did with trembling fingers. He helped me out of my blouse, complimented me on my figure and then told me that I was doing great and to keep going! Totally ashamed, I reached behind my back and slowly undid the clasp on my bra and he helped me out of that too! His hands went to my breasts and he told me how proud he was of me and how beautiful I was and he kissed me deeply as he fondled my *******.

Each time we parked, he coerced me into doing more with him and I found it terribly exciting. I quickly learned that he liked me to be topless by the time he stopped the car so that he could immediately squeeze my breasts, twist them, and pinch and pull on my tender nipples. It hurt some, but he liked doing it to me and it excited me as well! Over the next month, he taught me how to feel and stroke his ****, how to suck on it and swallow his warm ***, and he would finger and rub my ***** and drive me crazy!

We eventually ended up in the back seat of his car, both naked, with me on my back. He spread my long legs apart and layed on top of me and kissed me deeply and fingered my ***** lips, making me very wet! I then felt the head of his hard **** pressing againt my ***** lips and stretching them until it slipped inside me! He kept rubbing just the head in and out of my ***** and then he was roughly playing with my **** again, like he liked to do, twisting them cruely and pinching and pulling on my nipples. He was pinching them hard, hurting me, when he thrust his **** through my virginity and deep inside me. He had my mouth covered with his and so my scream of pain was muffled. He layed as still as he could for a while, letting me get used to having him inside me and then he began to **** me. He told me what a hot girl I was and how much he liked being inside me and I was humiliated but so very turned on by what he was saying and doing! I was sore and it still hurt, but he was giving me awesome feelings shooting between my aching breasts to my ***** and I suddenly came all over his ****! He laughed and said that I must have "really needed it", which made my cheeks burn with humiliation, and he continued to **** me with his hard ****. I soon felt his **** get even bigger and he was moaning and then he pulled it out quickly and shot his warm *** onto my stomach and ****. I was as glad to have his **** leave my ravaged ***** then as I was happy to have him put it back into me during the coming weeks and months.

To this day I still prefer to be with older men as they fit well with my shy, submissive personality. They know what they want and how to get it and tend to have a 'take charge' attitude. At that age, it worked out well because he wasn't going to tell anyone at my school what we did together like boys probably would have, so I could maintain my 'good girl' reputation at school and still learn all about the thrills that sex has to offer.

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14 was still too young to be taken advantage of like that. I hope you know that you always have the right to say no!


Hi Babay I,am 45 years old I understand for what you locking

Wow. I knew I missed something by not hiring young babysitters to watch my daughters when I had the chance.

That is a well written story, Courtney. Thank you for sharing your experience...
Best Wishes, AT

Did you bleed much..

That's so hot!

awesome story!

Awesome story!

Yeah dude took advantage of the situation. ....... shame too. You need a woman show you how to get in touch with ur body.

it all helps. I agree. Can you add me please. Thanks.

You write very sexy stories. You have had some sensual moments and I love your desire for older men. Have all of your experiences been with them?

that story made me ***

Those first experiences are always so powerful and wonderful. And when they are taboo like that, it makes for some really great kinky fun later in life. Glad you enjoyed it so much, and I hope you're able to keep finding people to live out that fantasy with.

Very hott story..lil girls turn me on to

Did he ever have anal sex with you? Do you enjoy that?

What a great adventure of loosing your virginity. Well done by both of you, and well told!!! Thanks for sharing!

wow nice reading your breasts are a nice size B cup I think
thank you for been on ep

Very nice introduction to sex and fun and blow jobs

Very nice, and a good way to start your life as a delicacy for men.

Lucky guy to have a sweet little virgin

Sooo deliciously sensual and wonderfully told. Thank you for sharing, I bet he thinks of you often and to this day. Ever hear from him?

I remember him fondly too! No, I don't know where he is now and haven't heard from him, but that is probably just as well. We bonded and will be forever in each other's hears and minds.

Loved the story well written and very hot.

Can you come sit for my boy. I would love to see those breast. I will for sure show you how much I like them.

Very hot & well written story of your fond memories. I hope he also spoiled you with nice things

Thank you Sir.
Mr. Lake did buy me some things sometimes, like helping me purchase a prom dress, but our relationship wasn't about him paying, or me taking money for what we did, it was about helping each other.

Not suggesting that he should have given you money Sweetheart, you were not a who're. Just that he should be extra nice to you for not telling

Well written, very sexy.

Thank you for the kind comment, Sir.

Very nice story. What a nice age for you to have that first experience.

Great story about discovering one's sexual wonders how many baby-sitters have started as you did.

MMMM damn i hate you lostyour virginty that way but makes me hard hearing about it

Love it. :)

I wouldn't have pulled out...

I hadn't begun having my periods yet so it would have been safe for you to empty your balls inside me and make me yours.

That's exactly what I would have done... And you would have been mine...

But I would have preferred if you were an early bloomer and fertile for me...