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The Big V Word.

I was 14 when I lost my virginity.
Here is the thing you've got to know, I never believed in the first time being like in the movies, with the one you truly love and it being so romantic. I knew that stuff wasn't realistic. At that time I was tired of always hearing everyone talking about their first time or who they slept with and I was tired of having to lie to everyone about having sex. Of course people believed me because there was one story that got out and everyone knew I gave a blow job to that guy and he told his hockey team(everyone in that team knew who I was, and we all know how much they love to talk about sex) that I was so good and then the word spread out. So people then deduced from that, that it wasn't the first time I gave a blow job, even if it was.

So, this is how I lost my virginity. I always popular,(not to brag) so I always got invited to the parties. For Halloween one of my friend was throwing a huge party, of course I had to go. That night, I got really drunk (which is not an excuse for what I did) and social like I am I talked to everyone, even the ones I had no clue who they were. I started talking to a guy about random stuff and so his two friends came along and slowly we started to talk about sex, and I don't remember exactly what the guy said, but it lead me to say, yeah I love having sex at parties. I don't know why I would say that, but it caught one of the guy's attention and since back then all I wanted was to lose my V-card to get it over with, it was my opportunity. I knew the guy was into it and thank god he was so attractive. I told him I had to go to the bathroom and grabbed him, he didn't mind. When I said that, it's actually because I had to pee and nothing els. So after I was done, he grabbed me and we started making out (MY FIRST MAKE OUT SESSION)until my friend opens the door and then we went behind a fence outside, and had sex. It did hurt a bit but the fact that I was drunk helped a lot.
A couple of weeks later, when I found out who he was on facebook, I saw that he had, had a girlfriend for almost a year!
canadianslut1121 canadianslut1121 18-21, F 6 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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You peed in front of him?? Wonderful

Sad story

Hymens and virgin anuses are a big thing before they receive their first ****...and after that yoo slowly, gradually, learn how to get until it becomes a daily pleasure!

That's pretty sad in my opinion, I don't understand why you would have wanted to rush sex solely cause of peer pressure. That "romantic" way of losing your virginity DOES exist, I experienced it myself with my soon-to-be husband.
In life you shouldn't rush decisions like that just cause you don't believe in romance or love because it really does exist and you threw away your virginity loosely, I don't see why any guy would even see any value in having sex with you anymore, really. (I mean of course when you find a loving partner he may not care about you not being a virgin anymore but some may have an issue with it and judging from my Fiance it's a pretty awesome thing for a man to take the first time from his partner. I will never understand why kids can do something so stupid, honestly.

There's lots of fish in the ocean! Happy hunting!

Gimme some, honey!