Lakeside Lovers

We were both 14 at the time. We had been dating for about 5 months. It was something we had talked about before but not often. The farthest we ever got was second base. His family invited me to their cabin at the lake for the weekend. It was later at night. around 6:30ish. His dad took us lakeside so he could go fishing. We told him we were gonna swim but we never did. We started making out in the back of his dads pickup. There were pillows and stuff cause Webb d gone to the drive in earlier. He asked me if I wanted to and I said yes. It hurt. Not that much, but it still hurt. We lasted about 10 minutes and he came inside me ( we had protection ). The thing we didn't know was that the people who lived by the dock saw us out their window. And the worst part, their son goes to our school and hangs out with my boyfriend often. He knew the pickup truck and confronted us. He ended up telling the whole school and his mom an dad told both of our parents. The sex was good but the after effects weren't as good. I luv him still as we are still together and I don regret anything.
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Some people can't keep a dirty secret.

Awwww im happy if ur happy
Thats real love

That sucks about the aftermath. It it were a secret like it was supposed to, I bet you would have look back more happily.