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I Lost It to My Cousin!!

My mom went to tampa for the weekend and we had to stay with our grandma for the weekend and my cousin was there he is 16 and i was 14 . It happened saturday i was laying in bed and he came cause my older cousin kiesha was sleep with her boyfriend and he layed down with me and started talking and he asked could he get me wet and said no cause your my cousin and he started touching on me and he said i wont hurt you and i said i cant my mom will kill me and he said she wont find out and then i said yes and he climbed on top of me and did it it hurted so bad i cryed . then the next morning i woke and he was on the cough sleep and i was talking to my 18 cousin which is his sister and i told her and she was like it dont matter so now that my mom found out i cant go over there anymore and i cry sometimes cause he can say he took my virginity and all i can say is i cant see him anymore and i wish i could but i cant i dont know why i have that feeling sometimes .

Sheme123 Sheme123 13-15 9 Responses Jun 8, 2009

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well, first i want to explain that if my english isn't good is because i'm Chilean. anyway....
i lost it with my cousin too, but, we strarted very very joung like 10 o 11 years old, we strarted snooping ours bodys and she give me a lot of ******** and i give some to her too.... that don't really matter until we started ******* like 13 years ( she is 1 year older than me) and when i was 15 we **** so hard that i almost *** inside her and i broke her hymen, then we end it with a ******* and i *** inside her mouth.... since 10 years to that episode we constantly ******, but or anal, handjobs, ******** and also vaginal intercourse but only the head ( the top of my penis, i don't really know if you will understand it) well, ended that, another two girls cousin started to want me to lose their virginity and i almost **** one but i preffer to not do it cause i already have one ****** on my conscience i didn't want another making weight on me.

we never talk about what happen, Now the two are in a relationship with different types, and we went on vacation, but even on occasions when it leaves the issue of how we lost our virginity we locked eyes and try to erase all the past.

ago, about 6 months, that I dont ********** thinking of her but the memory of our meetings is present from time to time.

im in love with my cousin:) im so excited cause i saw him today and im seeing him tomorrow:D

Do you have storys?


I think it is one of the most curious thing. Losing a viriginity to cousine.

ik this is messed up but me an my cousin are planning to **** next time we see each other.

I'm sorry he did that to you I hope that you are at least some what better now.

My parents found out too, i cant see the guy anymore either. That sucks because you are related there is no way it will work out. I feel your pain, it was a stupid decision. I learned a lot from my stupid decision, I hope you did too.

Have you gotten to see him yet?

oh my gosh... i am at a loss for words.