Well, You See...

..it was only two months before my 16th birthday.. 

it was december 11th of '07   (i only remember the date becauseme and my boyfriend skipped school that day, like always, and retreated to a place next to the parking lot thats frequented by "skippers"..i must take a picture of it sometime.. but anyways, i had a sharpie on me (i often carried one in highschool so i could doodle on my pants, arms, bathroom stalls..pretty much on anything!) and i wrote the date on this gaurd-rail next to the "skippers hang out" and wrote "skippers forever!!" lol and continued to doodle all over the spot...

well we just so happened to take each others virginities later on that day.. and everyday after that when we'd skip, if we decided to swing by that spot for whatever reason we always saw my little sharpie sign.. so its hard to forget the date..

whats actually kinda funny is that the guy whom i lost my virginity to was not the first guy to see me completely nude (he was the second..).. you see, the first guy was my boyfriend from freshman year.. he was...idk.. but he wasnt right for me AT ALL... he pressured me into doing things i wasnt ready to do..sure i wanted to do sexual things, i just simply was not ready..  but one day he actually got me completely ******** down in my bed : /  and he was trying to get me to touch his **** because he was havin trouble getting it hard for some reason.. it was probably the stress from me not wanting to touch it. *shrugs* idk.. i just remember it was terribly awkward

and i kind of regret letting him see me so very nude, but hey, he was nude too, so... *huge shrug*

(our relationship ended soon after this incident..)
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lol n_n

I carved the date into a bookshelf to remind me...<br />
not that I'd forget, but it gives me something to smile about every time I look at the small carving.