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HOW I Lost My Virginity (4 Days Ago)

I am 17 year olf girl, i am attractive and get alot of attention from the boys in my high school. I was always raised to wait till marriage but for sum reason the news that my favorite actress Jamie Lynn Spears, which is a year younger then me, is having sex with a older guy made me feel like it wasnt that wrong. So about 4 days ago the opportunity arose for me to lose it and i took it.

  I always thought my brothers friend Derrick was always very cute, he is 27. My family had a big dinner party thing and Derrick and my brother were there. I shot Derrick a few looks at the dinner table and i think it made him uncomftorable, which was funny. At the end of dinner my brother got a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go over to her house to help her with sumin, he asked Derrick if he wanted to come but he said he would stay and wait for him to get back (he was spending the night in our guest room) I went upstairs to listen to music, after a while i went into the bathroom that is connected to me and my brothers room, Derrick was in there and i made him jump. He was cutting out a line of sum kind of drug. He tried to hide it but i said i would like to try it. He said it was HYDROMORPHONE, which is a potent opioid. (i work in a pharmacy so i knew exactly what it was) i snorted a line of it and next thing i know we were making out. Then he picked me up and put me on the counter and we started having sex, it hurt at first but the hydromorphone really helped with the pain.He was very gentle until the end when i could tell the hydromorphone really hit him and he was all messed up humping me hard. He said he likes it rough and he started to choke me a little but he stopped when i asked him to, he very nicley asked if he could slap me in the face, i said yes ,as soon as he did he came.All together it was a very good first time experience, he text messaged me and said he would like for me to come over to his apartment, he said he has all kind of toys and stuff we could not sure if i am going to.

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Sorry but I think the stories a lie. Like you took drugs them let him smack you across your face. Then him telling you he has a flat full of toys. But far fetched for me



the author herself is a dumbass.

My advice is IF you need to have sexual contact you should just do it with a girlfriend. You can have lots of experience that way that will help you in the future when you find older guys you can trust NOT to F you up.

good for you!!!

dang thats nothing like what happened to me.

If I had an experience like that at 17, I think it would be at least five years before I tried it, again. Please, PLEASE, stay away from this weirdo and find somebody a LOT safer to experiment with.

So are there more stories...? Follow up?

what the hell, u had sex just to have sex. Thats so not romantic.

i did! my friends who r engayged had a 3 some with me yesterday to take my verginaty . everyone sees it diffently! they love me as there best friend ( and see me as a sister wife apparently) and didn't want my curant fling to take my verginaty. so they took it first! my fling is quite pissed but im happy it was them rather then my fling!

Good for you young lady! You said it was a good experience, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Did you let him come inside you? Most girls seem to the first time! I'd stay away from his flat though, have him again at your house, and try someone else out, so see if they can make you come. Play the field before you settle down!

Hi I get where your coming from but unless you are into pain during sex that is shock for a first time experience ,as far as doing a line..well I would expect you were very nervous as you were about to have sex for the first time.I hardly think it qualifies you as an addict.Although I would point out one of the dangers of heavy drugs of any sort is as soon as you have taken them.It distorts they way you think ..My advice is leave the experience there consider it a warning shot.There is no cut off point as to where addiction begins ,it usually happens before you realize it.When I think of a young woman having sex for the first time the last thing I would think that the guy she chooses to recieve that once in a lifetime gift would grab her by the neck then ask to slap her.He sounds like a guy that watches a lot of ****,I have seen a few **** movies and I notice they do that sort of thing.In my exprience it is not normal .It is up to you but I don't know if I would be in a hurry to go his place to try out the "toys".But all these things are up to you to make the choice young lady.Good luck

WTF?????? Rather than go back to the pharmacy, hit the psychologist, any man who would grab you by the neck is not safe for you to be around. Find a REAL man, one who does not need drugs and knows how to really love a woman with a gentle loving hand, not some sick **** that needs to control women with violence or force!!! Keep yourself safe.

OOOOkkkaaaayyyy! its comments like that, that **** people like jamie up."the news that my favorite actress Jamie Lynn Spears, which is a year younger then me, is having sex with a older guy made me feel like it wasnt that wrong. "<br />
This story is not only disturbing but also dumB!! yes uhuh DUMB!!!! derrick really ****** up.

What the hell are you talking about you saw a confession that says i am a drug addict??? First of all NO i am not a drug addict, and i would never put a confession that just says "i am a drug addict" are highly misinformed

JUST4PLAY....i respect drugs and know they are powerful, i doubt what u say is the truth as far as seeing drug addicts all the time....first of all addicts doing a methadone program cant get Methadone from a pharmacy it is illegal they have to go to a clinic, so if you think the people coming to the pharmacy filling methadone scripts are drug addicts your wrong, they are just pain paitents. And as far as the needles how do you know they are not insulin patients, do you guys sell the needles to them? What chain do you work for? Certain chains will sell the syringes to anyone, plenty of people go into insluin shock cus they cant get a needle to do there insulin cus pharmacys are paranoid....and even if they are drug addicts if they cant get the needles from you then they will use dirty ones and it will spread HIV and other stuff. Sounds like you are one of the paranoid people that work in pharmacys that think everyone is drug sure the people with real drug problems altering perscriptions and calling in fake ones, you would never even suspect. You probably just see some guy looking dirty like he is out on the street asking for a needle and u think he is a drug addict....educate yourself before you just sum up everyone that may use drugs for recreation, even the harder schedule 2 narcotics, as drug addicts.