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How I Lost My Virginity

I was at a party and a friends house. Of course i didnt get drunk but i was in the mood for some fun. I saw this REALLY hot boy and started to flirt with him. We ended up upstairs in my friends room. I took his clothing off, he took mine off. When he slid into me it hurt like hell but it was also amazing. Like i said, i was in the mood for some fun so i went crazy on top of him. I guess we might have been a little loud cuz someone knocked on the door and said to keep it down!! anyways, im glad thats how i lost my virginity cuz it was fun and i loved the pain and everything that came with it. For those of you who havent lost your virginity yet:
sex is amazing!!! ive had it many times since i lost my virginity and the feeling you get is just so special. also, if u ever want to- dont be afraid to touch yourself its totally normal. and remember- dont just have sex because everyone is doing it. do it if u really want to. cuz its amazing. i know ive said that already but i looove sex and i loove going crazy on top of a man!!
hannahmarinnn123 hannahmarinnn123 16-17 3 Responses Jan 23, 2011

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i love sex too

I loved your story wish there was more to it thought!