My First Time

a couple years ago i never thought i'd lose my virginity at 15, but i don't regret it at all. it was with my current boyfriend of 9 months. we first had sex a couple months ago on our 7 month anniversary. we were both virgins and a little inexperienced but not too much. it all started out when he came over one night and we were laying in my bed together.

we'd talked about having sex previous to this and had come to the conclusion that we really wanted to lose it to eachother so nothing at all was awkward or forced. he was really sweet and careful, trying to make sure i was comfortable the whole time and being gentle. it hurt a lot at first, then after awhile it started feeling really good and we both enjoyed it. the whole experience was great and i felt so loved and happy to share this with him because he means so much to me. =]
autumn17 autumn17 16-18, F 3 Responses Feb 13, 2008

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wow .. dats so lovely.. :) happy for yu..

Sounds very sweet.

Are you sure it was sex and not just....oh you touched me with your ****?

Why are you questioning her experience?