To My Father's Boss!!

I lost my virginity at 15 to my father's boss. He was 45-50. My father could not attend a party and so he sent me. I was sitting lonely at the corner when he came up to me. We chatted for quite some time, then the drinks started getting better. He told me to go upstairs. I was feeling bit uneasy and so i removed my clothes and laid down on the bed. He returned back after the party and saw me naked.
He slowly started licking my body. I responded to him. We had sex and we continued for a year till he got transferred.
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lucky man who can take your verginity

dear I will lick your whole body spl. your both arm pits mmm so erotic smell you have then your both boobs ,erect nipples your juicy **** and tight *** then you will pee in my mouth and my **** will go erect like a iron rod and drill your both love holes and I will *** in your mouth

Do older men turn you on?


great experience ... u r very daring

Crazy story. Did your father ever find out?

Lucky guy

<p>&nbsp;<p>Wow!!</p><p>If your avatar is you - OMG - you are a SEXY creature!!! Did your dad ever find out?<br />
<br />
I would TRUELY like to be your friend and see/learn more about you!!</p><p>I look forward to your friendship and seeing you - Soon,</p><p>Dikson</p><p>Ciao</p><p>P.S.</p><p>Maybe I could be your dad's pseudo-boss...</p><p></p>

lucky man

Since you enjoyed it that's good

Lucky man ..i can't express my feelings.. just reading your experiences while doing imagination of you experience..

Nice story

Such a hot story. I'd like it to happen to me.

so lucky man i wish i could do extra time?

lucky boss...

No wonder , you must had looked to tender at 15 , how was it for you ?

Wow a juicy n tight ***** just 15 yo. I m jealous of that lucky man.

Wow! I'm not one to encourage taking advantage of underage drunk girls, but since it seems you've turned out ok I guess it didn't scar you for life.

What an experience to have!

Very sexy, I'm sure your body responded well to him and he gave you a lot of pleasure. I have *********** thinking of you and your boss like that. And thinking what I would do with you if I was him.

Hot story! I'm glad it was a good experience for you.

Sounds like he opened a door to your sexuality and you took off from there.

tell us more...

Nice Story Heena...and i loved your response part at such a young age...would love to know you more and share stuff..well my real name is Ishaq for your reference...

Sure i do agree with you sum1cumming and loved your little the same way as Heena..the only contrast in your story and her is the other member being close to your age and for her the first lover being her fathers boss...and i loved her response part to understand her fathers bosses needs which i felt was a very confident , calm and mature understanding of his requirement in a age when generally timid girls make a hue and cry out of it...that's what my awe was all about...