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Almost (diary entry)

Today I almost lost my virginity.. Mikey came over to my house and we were watching sponge bob and he kept talking about a shower in a joking manner and we went upstairs and I was telling him to take his shirt off and eventually he did and he dared me to take mine off and we did.. Then he took of my pants and he did too.. Then we were in our underwear.. So we turned on the shower and got naked and hopped in.. At first we were just putting shampoo and body wash on each other.. But then he was like "so you said you wanted to kiss me" so I got on my toes and I kissed him.. Then we were kinda making out but we weren't putting our tongues in each others mouths.. It was the kiss I always wanted to have.. And then he was like you want a fingering and I nodded yeas and his hand reached down and started rubbing everything and it hurt a little at first and I'm still not sure where my well entrance hole is.. Then he pulled out a condom and asked if I wanted to.. I said yes so he took it out and put it on.. His **** was long and really thick.. He asked me again if I was sure that I wanted to do it.. I nodded my head, positive that I was ready. He is a lot taller than me and the tip of my head comes to about the bottom of him chin.. He had to get down really low and I was on my tippie toes. He tried to put it in and I would feel the slipperiness of the condom feeling it's way around the lips of my vagina.. He tries to put it in but it wouldn't go.. By the 5th time he tried, the water was cold so we jumped out and ran down to the fireplace and he was shivering it was so cold so he thought the other shower might be warmer so we got in there and it wasn't good at all. So we ran upstairs and laid on my singles bed and snuggled and he continued to finger me and oh my it felt so goooooooood. Then we got dressed and he pulled me close and was like if you really think I'm the one then I'll come see you again.. I smiled and said "I hope you will" we just sat there cuddling until it was time to walk him to the bus stop. Then we walked to the bus stop and he reached way over to grab my hand even though it was freezing cold and our hands were frozen.. Then he was like "whoa! Your hair is still wet. Put up your hood. I don't want you getting sick." and we sat there cuddling at the bus stop.. Then when the bus came he was like so do I get a kiss goodbye.. And I reached up and gave him a peck.. He told me that he was coming back Wednesday to try again.. Oh I am so horny
cookielove4 cookielove4 16-17, F 2 Responses Feb 26, 2012

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thanks for sharing sweet moments of desire and discovery... part of me has always been a hopeless romantic, and I sincerely wish you only the best...

i wonder that too